FLYSURFER Flydoor 6 review

Today I had my first session in months. A rare winter northerly, about 15 knots. It was the perfect conditions to put my new Flydoor 6 to the test. Normally I'd be battling it out with my tired old trusty Liquid Force 134cm twin tip and as I found out when I quickly jumped on it to compare to the Flydoor, would have had a not so fun session.

I was a bit dubious about whether I would get along with such a huge, flat board. My earlier quick attempt was a bit of a disaster, but that short ten minutes was in very low wind and big breaks.

Today was perfect. Low tide, flat water at first, then further out small little kickers to pop off.

It took about ten minutes to dial it in then I was a happy chappy. Fast, great upwind ability and smooth as. It was quite easy to take it for granted how much performance I was getting out of the board, because it felt so right. But it wasn't until I swapped it for my 134cm twin tip that I realized just how much the Flydoor was made for these conditions.

On my old board there was way more chop than I had noticed, an unpleasant amount. The Flydoor had just ironed it all away. The wind was not as strong as I had thought and I found myself working the kite that much more to stay up wind and still not going that well.

My speed was halved, chugging along hitting every bit of chop.

After 5 minutes of this horror I just wanted to be back on the Flydoor.

I'm sold. This is going to be a great addition to my set up, giving more days on the water and more fun sessions in those conditions where a smaller twinny just won't cut it.

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