Flat Water Kitesurfing Trip- Elliot Heads and Theodolite Creek. QLD

Over New Year, I went up to Hervey Bay to look for good flat water conditions and practice getting up on the foil board.

Thanks to some advice from Seabreeze forum I had a couple of days at Elliot Heads and one day at Theodolite Creek, Woodgate.

I loved these two spots, especially Theodolite Creek and have been hankering to go back for a longer stay and practice some more on the foil board.

So last week I got back from a longer Kitesurfing trip, five days of great kiting.

I spent the first day at Elliot heads and the rest at Thoedolite, driving back and forth from Bundaberg, were I stayed in a backpackers.

The last day was an unexpected gift. I only drove to Thoedolite to say my farewells and have one last look at, what’s got to be, one of my favorite kite spots to date. Fortunately the wind gods were on my side, despite what the forecast was showing and I had the best session of the trip before the drive home- flat, crystal clear water for hundreds of meters and a great opportunity to practice some freestyle tricks and big air.

It really is a beautiful place and a great kite spot. For anyone wanting to learn on flat water, learning to foil, who enjoys freestyle tricks or just wants to kite in an isolated beauty spot I can’t recommend it enough.

I will definitely be making more trips up there.

One thing to note especially for foiling- you do have to time it right for the tides as the lagoons can get too shallow for the foil mast when tide is low, which is why all the pictures below are of the low tide with very little water to be seen- by the time the tide was in I was on the water having fun and taking pictures was the last thing on my mind, so apologies for that:)

Elliot Heads, QLD

Thoedolite Creek, Woodgate. QLD

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